The Biography Of Great Martyr Br. Rashid Hasani

Remember Him Only!

Remember Him Only!

The Biography Of Great Martyr Barrister( Rashid Hasani

Great Martyr Rashid Hasani was one of the Iran’s true freedom fighters, and his life and personal triumphs will be remembered long after the world has forgotten the evils of Dictatorism.

Br. Rashid hasani was born in 1949 in the town of Orumieh which is in West Azarbaijan governorate.
He completed his bachelor and master degrees in the Faculty of Law and Political Science, University of Tehran in 1968. His profession was in law.

Martyr Rashid grown in the environment of pious and warm family. His father Ayatollah al-Uzma (Grand Ayatollah) Gholamreza Hasani is very eminent and distinguished person with his knowledge who is the supreme leader’s representative in West Azarbaijan and Orumieh Friday prayer leader.
His brother Martyr Rahim was the former president of Federation of Revolutioner Organizations in Asia. His sister Allamah Sayyideh Atiyeh Hasani Bozorga, is the leader of international Islamic Fatimiyeh Moment.

He was very active in the area of Tehran among university students in spite of difficult circumstances which surrounded the Left Movement in that time.

Martyr was an inspiration to revolutionaries and arrested in 1973 with a number of his colleagues on charges of participating in the secret organization.
He released in a general amnesty after the intervention of eminent personalities from Tehran and Qom.

After his release, Br. Hasani went to Orumieh, Tabriz and other citiez of Iran to teach and
he set up close relations with people in general and the Fqdaian-e khalg in all ways in particular. These relations provided good memories and were useful in bolstering ties between Left and Islamic movments.
After the revolution of Iran in 1979, he joined to the Azarbaijan Fadai scholars in Iran. He saw Fadaian as the appropriate place for carrying out left and national activities under Islamic dictatorism.
Martyr Rashid participated in every political and non-political activities of SCHFKHA.

Br. Rashid founded the Association of Azarbaijanian Scholars with a number of his colleagues in March, 19981. The purpose of this association was to be an instrument for the defense of important segment of society and to inform them about political and cultural woes and problems. This association has achieved great successes in this area and become a scientific & cultural institution with a distinguished status inside and outside Iran.
Even, the association has published statements and reports which was based on reliable scientific facts in Iran in spite of difficult conjuncture under Islamic militarism.

The association was 120 university professor member, 22 of them were women professor.
In the framework of Association’s interested area, martyr Rashid documented the crimes of Islamic militarism and presented them to the society. The Association also recorded very important list which included university professor’s and scholars names that are arrested and murdered with using many official and unofficial sources between 1970-1980.
Martyr Rashid arranged many seminars and sypmosium and participated in many scientific conferences.

Some of these important programs:
1- Left Movement in West and East Azerbaijan
2- Left Society and Organizations
3- The Dialogue between Left Groups
4- The Aava Community and newspaper in Tehran
5- Association of Azarbaijanian Scholars and a number of scientific and academic institutions.

Martyr Rashid represented the Fadaian in Azarbaijan province in a number of forums, conferences and meetings.

He visited Turkey, Pakestan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya and other countries as representative of Left Movement.

He participated in the meetings to solve some social and cultural problems and crises.

Finally, he was arrested in Autumn 1981 and the Islamic Revolution Court executed him by shooting on December , 1982.

We want to join in remembering Rashid Hasani in gratitude on 30 years of his artyrdom.

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